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The Roadnight Taylor Team

The team has over 100 years of deep energy expertise in grid, design, planning, land rights, cable-route consenting, connections, financial modelling, project management and construction expertise spanning the full range of energy technologies.

This unique mix of expert know-how working as one strong cohesive unit means we understand all potential risks and opportunities, can readily adapt and respond to individual client requirements and site-specific conditions, and can deliver the very best outcomes for our clients.

Hugh Taylor, CEO


“Going to the edges of our expertise to make schemes work is what excites me…”

T:  0333 023 3172 | M:  07979 647294

Philip Bale

Network Engineer

“Problem solver who knows grid inside-out…”

T:  01993 830571 | M:  0115 888 3210

Richard Palmer

Senior Consultant

“Richard provides a vision and delivers change…”

T:  0333 023 3174 | M: 07852 460599

Kathryn Smith

Legacy Hero

“the architect and builder of our fleet of models”

T:  01993 830571

Lucy Taylor

Lucy Taylor

Operations Director, MRICS

“Ruthlessley organised and craves order and efficiency…”

T: 0333 023 3171 | M: 07712 612153

Chris Reilly

Heat Consultant

“outstanding attention to detail during initial design conception and feasibility”

T:  01993 830571

Roland Billington

Planning Consultant

“Works with all stakeholders to ensure the most successful outcomes”

T:  01993 830571

Rebecca Johnston

Third Party Consents Consultant

“Co-ordinating consents to ensure clients’ projects are delivered successfully”

T:  01993 830571 | M: 07825 619388

Graham Taylor

Design Engineer

“Significant engineering and design experience on high-profile projects”

T:  01993 830571 | M:  07932 556968

Hannah Smart

Urban Designer & Masterplanner

“Brilliant visioning and concept design, and the talent behind our website art”

T: 07365 237768

Mike Carter

Development Consultant

“Extraordinary knowledge delivering a successful renewables project”

T:  01993 830571

Kelly Smart

Office & Events Manager

“Efficiency and productivity par excellence…”

T: 0333 023 3173

Polly Stevenson

Communications Co-Ordinator

“Loves getting her teeth into a blog or two…”

T:  01993 830571

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