Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction
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Cost Reduction

Connections customers generally assume that non-contestable scope and costs are fixed based on the offer they receive – so they focus entirely on reducing the contestable costs. However, in many offers there are cost savings to be found amongst the connection works that can only be undertaken by the DNO. Occasionally there are significant savings which can make a material difference to a project. ​

In other schemes, we can highlight where there is a significant risk that costs will increase from the DNO initial estimate, and we can help customers to explore and better understand. ​

On a regular basis we assess connection offers and deliver project-saving levels of efficiencies by reviewing and challenging proposed connection strategy, assumptions or the application of the Electricity (Connections Charging) Regulations.

Philip Bale, Specialist Connections Engineer

What we do

Our range of services, designed to maximise your chances of achieving a connection and at least cost, start from drawing up the right application and end with reconciliation – and whilst each of these ‘bookends’ is important, millions can be saved in between:

  • Pre-application, pre-offer and pre-acceptance services to ensure that you are ultimately issued with, and are accepting, the least cost offer

  • Post-acceptance services to ensure that the least cost connection and communications design is achieved, and the right ICP tender carried out

  • Pre-construction and construction-phase contract management, project management and owner’s engineering services to bring the right connection in at the lowest cost

Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study

What you get

An unrivalled team which combines historical responsibility for issuing thousands of HV and EHV connection offers with project managing and overseeing hundreds of millions of pounds worth of major connections and reinforcement contracts.

An extraordinary and tenacious team with an enviable track record in achieving volumes of cost-viable connection offers for major connections – and then achieving previously unheard of non-contestable savings whilst bringing in contestables at the least cost.     

A comprehensive range of fixed-price services to choose from, and the flexibility to ensure that your needs will be met.

Our Experts

Our team has over 100 years of deep grid expertise in many technologies and sectors. Our expert, independent and unique approach gives you the best possible chance of maximising your success.