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Our influential team of elite connections specialists – Connectologists® – help the royalty of clean growth to outperform their peers, through acquiring viable distribution and transmission network connections faster, at lower risk, and for less cost.

Through connectology, our Connectologists share insight and thought leadership on the evolving connections landscape, in written articles, videos, webinars and podcasts.

Connectologists® help your team outperform your competitors

Pete Aston Roadnight Taylor

Pete Aston

Specialist Connections Engineer

Headed WPD’s EHV design team, led its ANM rollout, transmission boundary processes with National Grid and responsibility for >500 EHV connection offers per annum

Catherine Cleary

Catherine Cleary

Specialist Connections Engineer

MEng from Oxford, research at Princeton, headed grid teams at TNEI and GRIDSERVE, led advice to Ofgem, HS2, DfT and  >500 distribution and  transmission connections

Philip Bale

Philip Bale

Specialist Connections Engineer

Headed WPD’s East Mids EHV design team, led four WPD/Ofgem innovation projects, including 1st ANM scheme and curtailment assessment model, and managed 145 EHV connections

Nikki Pillinger Roadnight Taylor

Nikki Pillinger

Specialist Connections Manager

MSc in Energy Policy, headed grid teams at GRIDSERVE and British Solar Renewables, spearheaded the origination, de-risking, project management and energisation of a significant number of connections

Kyle Murchie

Kyle Murchie

Specialist Connections Engineer

Masters in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, led grid engineering teams and influential roles at SSEN Transmission, SSE Thermal, Electricity North West, UK Power Networks and TNEI Services.

Our team of elite Connectologists has a connection success rate some five times greater than the market as whole. Their results speak for themselves, which is why we look after many of the UK’s leading energy and real estate developers and investors, industrial and commercial intensive energy users, utilities and government –  including Centrica, Octopus, Amazon, Aldi, British Sugar, Diageo, The Crown Estate and Welsh Government.

The Connectologists have hands-on technical, commercial and regulatory experience of the highest order. They are tenacious, diligent, self-assured and professional – and they could be on your side.

Why not join the rollcall of leading organisations who rely on our services?

Connectology® Podcasts

In our podcasts, our Connectologists® and their expert guests help you to better understand distribution and transmission network connections, and how to acquire them faster, for less cost and at lower risk

Connectology® Webinars

We pass on our Connectologists® knowledge and expertise to our different audiences in these webinar recordings which include audience questions being answered

Connectology® News and Insight

News, insight and thought-leadership on the evolving connections landscape for our audiences: the developer and investor communities, rural and public sectors, the connections community – and policy-makers

Connectology® Explainers

Technical explanations on transmission and distribution topics such as flexible connections, charges and network reinforcement through to more simple explainers for ‘network newbies’.

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