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Connections Management

Any extra-high voltage (EHV) or transmission connection is a significant project with  an inordinate number of moving parts and dependencies.  From drawing up the connection application through to final handover to the asset owner and project closure are hundreds of lines on our project management platform, with input from a range of specialists.

We have seen the results of people getting things wrong – we are often asked to pick up the pieces on others’ projects – so we know how high the costs can be.  When we are asked to manage the connection journey for a client, we know they are really buying peace of mind, and fewer sleepless nights.

Nikki Pillinger, Specialist Connections Manager

What we offer

Your project may be at an early stage, such as feasibility, or may be entering construction.  Whatever its status, we have the capability to pick up and manage your connection:

  • Pre-offer, pre-acceptance, post-acceptance, pre-construction and construction phase support services​

  • Management of connections from high voltage (HV) upwards and at distribution and transmission levels

  • Commercial and technical oversight

Feasibility Study
Feasibility Study

What you get

Your own virtual in-house specialist grid connections manager with a stellar track record in de-risking and delivering connections operations across a range of large-scale technologies with the support of an unrivalled team which manages the origination, safeguarding, de-risking, project-management and energisation of tens of EHV and transmission connections each year.

Peace of mind that you will achieve value for money, minimise cost and risk, and accelerate delivery timescales.​

Peace of mind that comes from having a team behind you that engages consistently, skillfully, wholeheartedly and at the highest levels with Network Operators.​

A team that sits on all the DNOs’ connections steering groups and expert connections panels, understands and influences changing technical and commercial connections policy – and builds relationships and generates political capital, so you don’t have to.​

Who does the work?

Our extraordinary team of Connectologists® have the hands-on technical, commercial and regulatory experience of the highest order – having held responsibility for many thousands of EHV offers and applications.  Supported by our Operations team, they are tenacious, diligent, self-assured and professional – and they are on your side.