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Significant, reliable, long-term diversified income streams

Farms and Estates

There is currently strong appetite for solar and battery storage sites – and lifetime ground rents can easily exceed £10million. But, ultimately, developers’ demand is only for ground with genuine grid connection potential – and this is the developer community’s greatest challenge.​

In the arena of grid connections, the correlation between expertise and outcomes is direct. By being proactive and focussing the deepest, most specialised expertise at this, you can multiply your chances of success. Seeking independent and expert advice will also put you in a much stronger position to negotiate with developers, and to maximise your income. ​

Once we have established you have a genuine opportunity for a scheme, we can submit a grid application on your behalf, and then market your site amongst the most suitable, leading developers.


Farmers and growers own or host about 70% of UK solar power – over 1,200 solar farms and more than 19,000 solar rooftops.

Source: NFU Countryside)

Case Studies

Our approach is helping farms and estates achieve their long-term reliable diversification income, and increase the value of their land. Here are some of the schemes we have been involved with.

Battery storage site: Somerset

Solar farm site: Nottinghamshire

Flexible power site: Hampshire

Some of our current landowner projects

50MW battery storage for a landowner in West Sussex

  • Current Projects - Landed Estate - Solar & Storage

42MW solar and storage for a landowner in East Sussex

  • Current Projects - Landed Estate - Solar

50MW solar for a landowner in Kent

  • Wind - Farms and Estates

18MW wind for a landowner in Gwynedd

  • Current Projects - Landed Estate - Solar

50MW solar for a landowner in Lancashire

  • Current Projects - Landed Estate - Solar & Storage

10MW solar and 50MW storage for a landowner in Oxfordshire

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