Catherine Cleary


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Catherine Cleary – Specialist Connections Engineer

“One of the UK’s leading grid experts” 

After a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Oxford, and a research project on energy storage at Princeton University, Catherine has worked as a grid connection specialist for 10 years.

Until 2021, Catherine headed up the grid connections function at GRIDSERVE and, prior to that, was Principal Consultant for TNEI Services. Catherine has provided technical expert support to Ofgem in their reviews of electrical connection costs, connection offers and other processes and standards over several years. She has given strategic advice to the senior HS2 project team, delivered a wide range of grid connection projects throughout Northern Europe, and currently sits on National Grid ESO’s Connections Reform implementation group (CPAG).

Catherine has a deep understanding of the technical, commercial and regulatory considerations of connecting energy projects at both distribution and transmission level.  She has analysed grid connection options for over 500 schemes and her thorough knowledge of grid codes, constraints, innovations, independent connection provision, connection project management and ongoing changes to connection processes and protection requirements helps our clients safely navigate to the best, most cost-effective connection outcomes.

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