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We have an unrivalled knowledge in the ever changing energy system and have long realised that some of the more complex issues facing those wanting advice on a potential solution are best explained in video.

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Roadnight Taylor Energy Seminar – Farm Ed, Oxfordshire

14 November 2019

We’ve had fantastic feedback from our first energy breakfast seminar. If you want an invite to any of our events or if you want to book Hugh or Richard to present or deliver CPD at your event, please get in touch.

Hugh’s Autumn Vlog

First Published November 2018

Our CEO Hugh gives an update on the fast-moving energy industry and the exciting developments and activity within Roadnight Taylor.

Introducing Richard Palmer

First Published October 2018

With over 20 years energy industry experience, Richard Palmer’s breadth of knowledge and focussed, strategic approach will help us to continue to deliver the very best advice and service to our clients as the energy transition accelerates. We introduce him and how he’s unlocking value for our clients.

Make more from your energy opportunities

First Published July 2017

Our independent approach ensures that land and property owners make the very best of the energy opportunities that are available to them. Our expertise spans technologies – including battery storage, gas gensets and renewables such as solar, wind and hydro – and scales.

Why is independence important?

First Published August 2017

Power scheme and energy storage developers will specialise in a single technology. Your site or local network may not be suitable for all technologies. Watch how an independent approach gets you the most suitable technology, the most suitable scale and the most suitable developer to maximise your opportunities.

Why the need for speed?

First Published August 2017

Watch to find out why you must act quickly. Power generation and storage schemes can make a lot of money in ground rent for the few landowners lucky to have them. But capacity on the grid is in short supply and is issued by network operators on a strictly first-come-first served basis.

How much should you pay for grid consultancy?

First Published August 2017

Some advisors are taking money from landowners to make grid applications that don’t have a chance of a scheme. These advisors don’t establish if there is grid capacity locally, which technology will work or at what capacity. See how we are different. We carry out a Stop/Go™ study to see if you have a genuine opportunity for a scheme before you commit to other fees.

Invest in your own energy scheme

First Published May 2015

Farmers, estate managers and commercial property owners who want to invest in their own energy projects need to get the best value for money. By approaching a number of installers with a bespoke design, we can select you the right system, and the best contract, at the right cost. We can also analyse existing schemes to make sure all the right taps that maximise your financial returns are turned on.

Hosting a large-scale energy scheme

First Published May 2015

To have a scheme, landowners need to secure the grid. There’s competition for the finite grid capacity so getting a feasibility study to find out if you have an opportunity for a scheme and then submitting an application quickly is vital. Our independent approach maximises a landowner’s chances of successfully achieving a large-scale power or energy storage scheme and helps them secure ground rents above the market average.

Introduction to Roadnight Taylor – May 2015

First Published May 2015

Our first introduction video from 2015. Much has changed in the energy industry since we shot this film, but our core values, our feasibility study process and our excitement when we get schemes to work, remain the same for solar, battery storage, gas gensets and other renewable energy schemes.