Grid Connection Offer Review

No matter how good or bad a connection offer looks, the cost of unwittingly rejecting a viable project, or taking forward a ticking timebomb, is too great


Where Roadnight Taylor can help

As a developer you can:

  • Spend significantly less on site acquisition

  • Suffer fewer write-offs from abandoned projects

  • Have significantly more projects reach financial close

  • Achieve higher exit valuations

As an investor you can:

  • Reduce the risk of abandoned project write-offs

  • Achieve tangibly lower project capex costs

  • Suffer fewer write-downs from underperforming projects

  • Have greater operating revenue certainty

The difference in numbers:

  • More than 100 connection offers reviewed per annum

  • £100k/MW average non-contestable cost savings

  • Project-saving offer rectifications found in 10% of reviews

  • Catastrophic risks identified in 7% of reviews

Project-making opportunities and project-breaking issues can be obscured in the complexity of connection offers.  A specialised, forensic study can reveal them – and make or save you £millions.

Due diligence
Due diligence

Project-making opportunities and project-breaking issues can be obscured in the complexity of connection offers.  A specialised, forensic study can reveal them – and make or save you £millions.

The challenge

  • Nationally, about 15%  HV and EHV generation connection offers are accepted by developers

  • Many flawed but rectifiable connection offers are passed up. This contributes to the circa 85% failure rate of developers’ applications

  • Some critically high-risk offers are accepted in ignorance.  Offers with concealed ticking-timebombs may reveal their catastrophic risk before financial close, before construction… or after

  • Developers and investors take connection offers at face value, assuming:

    • Non-contestable costs can neither increase or decrease
    • Contestable works offer the only cost saving opportunities
    • Curtailment reports are reflective of a likely reality
    • Significant outage risks will have been identified
    • Securities and cancellation charges are obvious and straightforward

The solution

We identify errors, omissions, missed opportunities, inappropriate application of technical or commercial policies, misinterpretations of regulations, inappropriate assumptions, outage risks, physical risks, securities risks and potential ICP savings

DNO and TO System Planners have neither the time, the resource or the authority to consistently seek and offer you the most technically appropriate and least cost solution for your needs, and identify risks on your behalf.  Some lack the inclination or the necessary expertise to do so

Our connection offer reviews are trusted and valued by a rollcall of the UK’s leading energy developers and funds, whether we have drawn up their connection applications – or their in-house teams have – or they are acquiring or progressing sites brought to them by third parties.

Philip Bale

“What I like most about carrying out Connection Offer Reviews is finding something that nearly everyone else would have missed – the obscure solutions to non-contestable costs that others won’t consider, or unearthing hidden issues which save a client from wasting time, effort, resource and cost on a scheme that has irreversible risks. 

Conversely, I love identifying opportunities which make failing schemes fly.  Needless to say, not all schemes will have a success story, but I enjoy the challenge of trying to find those diamonds in the rough.”

Philip Bale
Specialist Connections Engineer, Roadnight Taylor

Who does the work?

Our extraordinary team of Connectologists® have the hands-on technical, commercial and regulatory experience of the highest order – having held responsibility for many thousands of EHV offers and applications.  They are tenacious, diligent, self-assured and professional – and they are on your side.

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50MW wind and 20MW hydrogen for a developer in Lancashire

480MW battery storage and 480MW solar at 400kV in West Midlands

  • Current Projects - Landed Estate - Solar & Storage

42MW solar and storage for a landowner in East Sussex

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50MW solar and 100MW battery storage for a developer in Shropshire