BloombergNEF’s report on grid connection queues supported by Roadnight Taylor’s perspective and data

Bloomberg New Energy Finance have launched a report on grid connection queues in major European markets for renewables, looking to Roadnight Taylor as a source of insight on the topic. Meeting with Lara Hayim, Head of Solar at Bloomberg NEF, our Operations Director, Lucy Taylor and one of our Connectologists®, Nikki Pillinger, provided their perspective on the research, which aimed to understand why the grid permitting is an impediment to project development and why it takes so long to secure permissions. As well as appearing eight times in the report by name, Roadnight Taylor also provided some crucial data relating to connection costs and times, aiding the research to reach its conclusions.

We’ve cut some of the highlights below (with permission from BNEF). To read the report and see all our contributions in action, head to BNEF Insight page  (it is behind a paywall).

Figure 1: Transmission network – the cost of upgrading high voltage grid transformers is a major challenge for clean power projects

BNEF grid report UK Transmission Network

Figure 2: The connection queue – how big is it and what is causing the delays?

BNEF grid report UK grid queues

Figure 3: How much does a connection cost?

Bloomberg NEF grid report costs of grid connection

All figures reproduced with kind permission of Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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