Roadnight Taylor to provide free monthly guidance on grid connections for Community Energy groups

Community Energy projects allow people and communities to have a positive impact on their local energy systems. This can be done by producing, utilising, owning and often saving energy in their communities. There is a distinct emphasis on local engagement, local leadership and control and the local community benefiting collectively from the outcomes.  This kind of community-led action can often tackle local area energy challenges, with community groups being best placed to understand their local areas and to bring people together with common purpose.

There are thousands of community energy schemes across the UK. Projects can focus on physical projects such as community-owned solar, wind turbines or hydroelectric generation. They can also centre around more social ventures such as joint switching or purchasing of electricity or energy saving measures.

Connectology® for Community Energy

Roadnight Taylor are committed to enabling faster and more efficient grid connections. They recognise the diversity of the renewable energy industry and are fully supportive of the community energy sector. They are working with Regen to provide a monthly ‘Community Energy Hour’ where they will provide free signposting and guidance on how best to navigate the complex and ever-changing world of grid connections. There is so much change within energy networks at the moment, and it is vital that communities are given the best chance to utilise the potential opportunities this change is bringing.

The sessions will be provided by Nikki Pillinger one of Roadnight Taylor’s Connectologists® and Specialist Connections Manager, who has worked with community groups for many years and understands the challenges faced by the groups of passionate volunteers striving to make renewable energy accessible and equitable in their local area.

Nikki will hold four free 15-minute sessions once per month with community energy group representatives via telephone or Teams.

These sessions aim to enable community groups to understand the processes and nuances around getting the most efficient and future proof grid connection for their projects. This can include technical and non-technical aspects of connections and also information on the industry in general.

Note: we are unable to comment on specific local network conditions but we can signpost to the most appropriate form of data/information.

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To book a slot on our Community Energy Hour, please send us a message via our contact form.