Grid news and views episode #2


Our team of Connectologists® return for a second podcast in their ‘Grid news and views’ series to discuss some of the most important updates in their field. In this second episode our influential connection specialists, among other news, discuss National Grid’s long term connections reform piece, exploring the changes it results in, and when we can expect an industry update.

Additionally, the podcast addresses other topics, with both specific and wider breadths:

  1. The modification to the commercial connection use of system charging and who it benefits
  2. Discussion of the distribution/transmission boundary as laid out in the ENA’s three-point plan
  3. Some wider news, including Energy UK’s forecast about the UK’s pace of growth in low carbon generation, and how we charge for super grid transformer reinforcements
  4. The modification proposal to introduce queue management at transmission
  5. Project Progression thresholds

Recorded: 03 August 2023

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