Understanding BEGAs and BELLAs – so your team doesn’t get this critical step wrong


With the choice of applying for a Bilateral Embedded Generator Agreement (BEGA) or a Bilateral Embedded Licence Exemptible Large Generator Agreement (BELLA) having such high potential impacts on the viability, cost or timing of a connection – and therefore on a project – it pays to understand the implications as well as the high-level choices you will have to make.

Diligent development Directors and Investment Directors will be better placed to make the right calls after listening to this episode, in which two of Roadnight Taylor’s elite connection specialists – Connectologists® Catherine Cleary and Pete Aston – discuss the fundamentals, and where they have seen others go wrong.

Recorded 6 September 2023


Changing from a BEGA to a BELLA

Notification of Insufficient System Margin (NISM) Overview

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