Mission critical grid connections

Overcoming challenges in achieving the connection permissions and network infrastructure your business or community needs

Building a decarbonised future along with economic development and housing growth are increasingly being thwarted by constraints on electricity distribution and transmission networks in a highly complex and seemingly unclear grid connections regime. This is challenging for energy managers seeking sustainable practices, developers planning significant infrastructure projects and placemakers within local and national governments.  We are hosting a series of three webinars to help guide these communities through their grid connection conundrums.

Increasing levels of congestion on the UK’s electricity networks are increasingly preventing or delaying commercial, industrial and housing developments – and thwarting the deployment of technologies that are absolutely essential to organisations meeting their decarbonisation commitments.

In this first webinar Catherine Cleary and Pete Aston – two of Roadnight Taylor’s elite Connectologists® – will help you understand the key steps to take in eliminating chance from those of your grid connection projects that are simply too important.

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