Hinkley Point C Connection Project: an MP’s view – the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox on the challenges for North Somerset and the Electricity Transmission (Compensation) Bill


The second in a series of Pete Aston’s look at the HPC project, aimed at helping developers with connection offers understand the effect that transmission reinforcement work has on their projects.

Pete is joined by The Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox, MP for North Somerset, recorded in his office in Parliament. Dr Fox talks about the national need for energy, and the challenges the HPC major infrastructure project gave his local constituents, particularly in planning law and landowner compensation.

From his involvement in this project and following consultation with his peers in the House of Commons, Dr Fox has brought forward the Electricity Transmission (Compensation) Bill to allow binding arbitration without the costs of going to the High Court.

Recorded: 22 February 2023

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