Hinkley Point C Connection Project: an introduction – Insights into transmission reinforcements and for developers stuck behind such works


Many developers’ grid connections – whether at distribution or transmission – are being delayed by significant transmission reinforcement works. In this, the first of a series of podcasts, Pete Aston introduces the Hinkley Point C Connection (HPC) project, with a view to helping developers understand the scale of transmission works, and what it means for connections projects that are sitting behind similar, if not more extensive, reinforcements.

Pete – who was responsible for the design elements of the scheme in his previous role with WPD (now NGED) – explains more about the 59 kilometre, 400kV circuit, and the process involved in the programme of works. He’ll cover what to expect in the rest of his series including timescales, wider cost and resource issues, and government views.

Recorded: 8 March 2023


Third Party Works Podcast

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