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Transmission queue management – milestones calculator

2024-03-05T11:25:55+00:0001 March, 2024|Connectology, Connectology Insight, Featured, News & Connectology|

To support clients and the industry as a whole, Roadnight Taylor has developed a simple Milestone Calculator for transmission queue management. This free to download tool offers a view of milestone dates ahead of any Modification Application Offer or Construction Agreement Offer associated with a new application.

Early de-risking of grid connection offers – what to look for

2024-01-11T09:31:08+00:0011 September, 2023|Connectology, Connectology Insight, News & Connectology|

Grid offers come with a long list of caveats that over the course of the development process need to be worked through and clarified to avoid pitfalls and delays. Here, we highlight common elements of the post-acceptance process that can catch some developers out.

Our open letter to Ofgem – reforming the mechanism for supergrid transformer charging

2024-02-26T14:29:49+00:0004 September, 2023|Connectology, Connectology Insight, Featured, News, News & Connectology|

In an open letter, we have urged Ofgem to draw its attention to the critical importance of ensuring there is a more appropriate mechanism implemented for charging for supergrid transformer reinforcement. The current charging mechanism is creating stalled and cancelled projects caused by funding risks for investors.

Our response to Ofgem’s open letter consultation (16 May 2023)

2024-01-24T12:35:42+00:0023 June, 2023|Connectology, Connectology Insight, News & Connectology|

On 16 May 2023, Ofgem launched a policy review on reforming the electricity connections system. They invited stakeholders to submit feedback on their open letter by 16 June 2023. This is our response, led by Pete Aston.

How to choose the right grid consultant

2023-02-14T09:16:00+00:0013 February, 2023|Commercial & Industrial, Energy Developers, Grid Consultancy, News, Public Sector|

With the renewable energy, energy storage, commercial and industrial and datacentre industries now awash with developers and investors, how can those looking to originate or acquire schemes be confident that they are making the right decisions and investing their time and money – and their valuable opportunities – in the right company or consultant?

Transmission reinforcement charges – and how supergrid transformer charges are blocking new connections

2022-12-05T12:48:19+00:0031 August, 2022|Connectology, Connectology Insight, News & Connectology|

We look at transmission network reinforcement charges, how supergrid transformer charges are blocking new connections and offer some potential solutions.

The differences between transmission and distribution connections

2022-11-28T15:35:28+00:0012 May, 2022|Connectology, Connectology Insight, News & Connectology|

We help explain the difference between transmission and distribution connections, and the timescales and costs you can expect with transmission connections.

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