Our open letter to Ofgem – reforming the mechanism for supergrid transformer charging

In an open letter, Roadnight Taylor has urged Ofgem to draw its attention to the critical importance of ensuring that there is a more appropriate mechanism implemented for charging for supergrid transformer reinforcement. The current charging mechanism is creating stalled and cancelled projects caused by funding risks for investors.

Our recommendations would enable the removal of the high costs and uncertainty many distribution customers face, removing the distortion both between distribution connections in different locations, and between distribution and transmission connections.

At Roadnight Taylor, we want to see a world with the infrastructure it needs to grow, not despite of decarbonisation, but because of it. We believe to achieve this vision we must do the right thing, and strive constantly to help others to do the right thing too. It is because of this core principle we look to be influential in promoting positive reforms in the connections community, wherever possible, and why we have chosen to write this open letter.

Read the letter to discover how Roadnight Taylor suggest Ofgem can make changes to improve the situation.

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