Managing land rights consents in the changing grid connections landscape

2022-05-03T12:43:49+00:0014 April, 2022|Energy Developers, Farms & Estates, Guest Blog, News, Public Sector|

Hugh Taylor spoke to Laura Wilson, Director at Connections Legal Management (CLM), about how the rapidly changing grid connections industry is impacting on the demand for land rights legal management and the specialist services that developers are seeking.

Don’t take a risk with energy agreements

2021-11-22T13:44:11+00:0015 April, 2021|Commercial & Industrial, Farms & Estates, Feasibility Studies, Grid Consultancy, News, Public Sector|

Landowners must think twice before signing renewable energy agreements as they could end up tied into astronomical bills and unsuccessful projects, or be unable to successfully negotiate rents and lease terms.

Green Recovery Scheme call for evidence – take a considered approach

2022-03-16T12:17:50+00:0023 February, 2021|Commercial & Industrial, Energy Developers, Farms & Estates, Feasibility Studies, Grid Consultancy, News|

Hugh Taylor warns submissions for the Energy Networks Association Call for Evidence for the Green Recovery Scheme must be carefully considered and clearly demonstrate how a scheme will deliver against Ofgem & DNO objectives.

The fundamental elements of clean energy scheme leases

2024-02-26T12:19:11+00:0009 February, 2021|Commercial & Industrial, Energy Developers, Farms & Estates, Grid Consultancy, Guest Blog, News|

TLT’s Maria Connolly, who’s team has provided legal advice to a number of Roadnight Taylor’s clients, spoke to Hugh Taylor on what both landowners and developers should be looking for in clean energy scheme leases.

Farming’s role in the evolving energy market – Farmers Guardian

2024-02-21T13:11:51+00:0020 November, 2020|Farms & Estates, Feasibility Studies, Featured, News|

Hugh spoke to Farmers Guardian about the opportunities for renewable energy schemes available to landowners and how to maximise the chances of achieving viable solar farm, wind farm and battery storage schemes.

Farm diversification income from energy projects – frequently asked questions

2022-09-14T12:37:20+00:0030 September, 2020|Farms & Estates, Feasibility Studies, Featured, News|

As rural landowners look to diversify and tackle the economic challenges post-Brexit, energy schemes can offer those with viable sites a new income solution. We’ve compiled a list of answers to the most common questions we get asked by landowners - including likely incomes.

Penny wise, millions foolish – a lesson in the cost of not using expert advisors in energy scheme developments

2022-03-16T12:19:40+00:0006 February, 2020|Energy Developers, Grid Consultancy, News|

A solar developer achieved a grid connection offer for a solar farm site but missed a crucial stage in the process and so failed to secure and safeguard the grid rights - thus losing out on any opportunity. What should they have done?

Beware developers off-loading grid connection rights, warns Roadnight Taylor

2024-02-26T14:27:53+00:0030 July, 2018|Farms & Estates, Feasibility Studies, Grid Consultancy, News|

Press release: Landowners should be cautious of offers to buy grid connection rights for battery storage schemes. No matter what the situation or the fee, there can be substantial financial obligations within accepted grid offers - and the site may not even be viable.

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