Dash for Transmission – Electricity Storage Network

Our Grid Connections Specialist Catherine Cleary joined the panel at the Electricity Storage Network (ESN) Annual Marketplace run by Regen.

We’re delighted that she was invited by such an esteemed organisation as the ESN to join leading industry experts to inform the audience and to discuss topical issues in the energy storage sector.

There has been a noticeable increase in applications for transmission-connected energy storage projects. This raises questions about where storage can be sited to play the most efficient role in the system. Catherine and the panel explored this and the challenges and opportunities for connecting energy storage at transmission level.

Catherine was joined on the panel by Olly Frankland of Regen (Chair) and Nathan Murray of Pivot Power.

Watch the discussion here >>

With thanks to Regen and the Electricity Storage Network for allowing us to share this film.

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