G99 Connection Application

Making the wrong grid application for the right part of the network – where a connection would otherwise be technically and commercially feasible – is common among developers… and can cost you £millions


Where Roadnight Taylor can help

With the right applications you’ll:

  • Help the DNO engineers to give you the right answers

  • Stop squandering £multi-million opportunities

  • Stop watching competitors succeed where you’ve failed

  • Reach financial close on more schemes

What is the right application?

  • It sets out the precise technical connection solution required to achieve a viable grid offer for that site

  • It sells that technical solution to the DNO/TO engineers

  • It is devoid of errors and omissions (which is rare)

  • The difference between keyhole surgery and tree surgery

The difference in numbers:

  • More than 2.5GW of viable connection offers per annum

  • >80% of connection offers accepted

  • Five times the success rate of the market

  • 34 accepted applications (total >1GW) for one developer in 2.5yrs

Consistently finding the connection keys that will unlock the potential in sites – and being able to sell those solutions to the DNO/TO engineers – will make you £millions.  Missing those opportunities will cost you £millions – again and again.

Consistently finding the connection keys that will unlock the potential in sites – and being able to sell those solutions to the DNO/TO engineers – will make you £millions.  Missing those opportunities will cost you £millions – again and again.

The challenge

  • Nationally, about 15% of HV and EHV generation connection offers are accepted by developers.  Over 85% fail, in part because:

    • many applications are submitted on the wrong part of the network; but also because
    • the wrong application is often submitted on the right part of the network; and, further
  • Even if the right application is submitted:

    • a System Planner will not necessarily have the combination of technical, commercial and regulatory expertise and experience to identify the technically feasible and cost-viable connection – but you can sell it to them if it exists
    • a System Planner may not necessarily have the time or inclination to find and offer you a complex or innovative connection solution if it may make their life difficult – but that needn’t be your problem.

The solution

Our engineers identify the optimal connection solution for the site, that is technically feasible (according to the regulations, engineering recommendations, and according to that network operator’s own technical and commercial policies) and is commercially viable. A G99 connection application that accurately reflects this is drawn up. Where necessary and feasible, the engineering solution that the network operator’s system planner will need to formulate and then propose/allow is ‘sold’ to that engineer and, where necessary, sold up through an escalation pathway to ensure that any of the engineer’s own preferences or shortcomings are eliminated as barriers.

Applying for a connection that will not be technically feasible, but on a viable part of the network, will result in additional connection costs which will normally render a scheme unviable – and squander a lucrative development opportunity. Most developers (or landowners) will never know that the reason they have an unviable offer sits with the application, or sub-optimal handling of the application by a network operator’s engineer, rather than with the appropriateness of their site for a connection. Most large-scale connection applications fail, and a significant proportion of these are linked to the application, or the network operator’s response to it.

Our connection applications are trusted and valued by a rollcall of the UK’s leading developers – the smart money – and a large number of landowners have energy scheme options and leases as a direct result of Roadnight Taylor’s grid applications. Within the public sector, organisations such as local authorities also use our service to maximise their chances of achieving a scheme, and to ensure that they are achieving best value from network operators for connections up to 400,000 volts.

Robin Dummett, Co-founder, Novus

“It’s very simple. If there is a connection solution, Roadnight Taylor will find it.

We’ve put in over 50 applications in with them. And they have done exactly what they said – they have found us grid where nobody else could or would. 

They have deep technical knowledge so they understand the issues. But most importantly, they’re born lateral thinkers and have imagination and creativity to come up with solutions.”

Robin Dummett, Co-founder, Novus

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Who does the work?

Our extraordinary team of Connectologists® have the hands-on technical, commercial and regulatory experience of the highest order – having held responsibility for many thousands of EHV offers and applications.  They are tenacious, diligent, self-assured and professional – and they are on your side.

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50MW wind and 20MW hydrogen for a developer in Lancashire

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