Detailed Grid Connection
Due Diligence

Whether you’re buying project rights or operational schemes, you’re risking capital and reputation. Developers may increasingly withhold clues to risk or uncertainty. You need the best expertise to uncover any holes and get a clear picture of your investment.


your due diligence, our connections expertise

Where Roadnight Taylor can help

As an investor you can:

  • Help projects reach financial close quickly and smoothly

  • Suffer fewer write-offs from abandoned projects

  • Have an informed view of operational costs and revenues

  • Suffer fewer write-downs from underperforming projects

The difference in numbers:

  • More than 100 connection offers reviewed per annum, so we know what great looks like

  • Catastrophic risks identified in 7% of reviews

  • Project-saving offer rectifications found in 10% of reviews

Following your red flag due diligence, our specialist experts will dig deeper to identify and mitigate the key technical risks.

Risk mitigation
Risk mitigation

Following your red flag due diligence, our specialist experts will dig deeper to identify and mitigate the key technical risks.

The challenge

  • Key areas that often require more detailed due diligence include:

    • Modelling of on-going connection charges
    • Quantifying unavailability risk
    • Grid code compliance issues or risks
    • Metering arrangements
  • As an investor, a bespoke scope to suit your needs and investigate the areas of focus for your transaction is better than a general overview.

  • With consultants working collaboratively with clients in this way, key areas of uncertainty can be unpicked. This can help reduce the need for condition precedents (CPs).

The solution

Our Connectologists® have decades of unrivalled experience in connection applications, offers and the connections journey. They know what to look for, can spot what vital information is missing and can flag what missing information or issues could be key to the valuation, success or failure of a project. As well as being out-and-out technical experts, they have a strong understanding of the commercials associated with projects and, therefore, the levels of risk of the various technical elements.

We understand that it can be challenging to identify all the issues that may be lurking in the information provided by vendors – and, more often, in the information that is missing or not provided. There are very few experts with the depth of technical, commercial and regulatory network and grid connections knowledge who can assess connections and uncover hidden issues.

We are trusted and valued by a rollcall of the UK’s leading property and energy developers and investors who are acquiring project rights, ready-to-build schemes or those completing post-construction.

Who does the work?

Our extraordinary team of Connectologists® have the hands-on technical, commercial and regulatory experience of the highest order – having held responsibility for many thousands of EHV offers and applications.  They are tenacious, diligent, self-assured and professional – and they are on your side.