Podcast: Hydrogen and the grid – considerations for developers, investors, networks and regulators

2024-03-11T10:24:58+00:0011 March, 2024|Connectology, Connectology Insight, News & Connectology, Podcasts|

In this podcast, Roadnight Taylor’s Connectologists® discuss the Hydrogen development market and various opportunities and challenges around connecting the different types of hydrogen projects to the grid.

How to choose the right grid consultant

2023-02-14T09:16:00+00:0013 February, 2023|Commercial & Industrial, Energy Developers, Grid Consultancy, News, Public Sector|

With the renewable energy, energy storage, commercial and industrial and datacentre industries now awash with developers and investors, how can those looking to originate or acquire schemes be confident that they are making the right decisions and investing their time and money – and their valuable opportunities – in the right company or consultant?

Green hydrogen – what role can it play in solving grid issues, and more…

2022-09-28T09:08:10+00:0027 September, 2022|Energy Developers, Featured, Guest Blog, News, Public Sector|

With the potential to unlock additional revenue for renewables projects, green hydrogen can be an avenue for developers to explore. Hugh Taylor spoke to Will Turner at Octopus Hydrogen to find out more.

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