How to choose the right grid consultant

2023-02-14T09:16:00+00:0013 February, 2023|Commercial & Industrial, Energy Developers, Grid Consultancy, News, Public Sector|

With the renewable energy, energy storage, commercial and industrial and datacentre industries now awash with developers and investors, how can those looking to originate or acquire schemes be confident that they are making the right decisions and investing their time and money – and their valuable opportunities – in the right company or consultant?

The importance of a high quality G99 application – and the dangers of getting it wrong

2024-02-26T13:21:06+00:0012 August, 2022|Connectology, Connectology Insight, News & Connectology|

A high quality G99 application is crucial. If the application is flawed, the scheme can carry risks that may not get picked up on until close to, or after, energisation. These risks range from being detrimental – whereby connection timeframes or ongoing uptime are compromised – to catastrophic.

Pete Aston joins Roadnight Taylor as Network Engineer

2022-03-31T11:05:06+00:0001 August, 2021|Commercial & Industrial, Energy Developers, Featured, Grid Consultancy, News, Public Sector|

Find out more about Pete Aston, former Primary System Design Manager at Western Power Distribution, and his reasons why he joined Roadnight Taylor. Our CEO, Hugh Taylor, also explains why Pete is a perfect fit for the Roadnight Taylor team.

G99 applications and compliance – the what, the why and the how

2024-03-26T14:19:21+00:0020 March, 2020|Energy Developers, Grid Consultancy, News|

We look at why the new Engineering Recommendation G99 was needed and what these more complex requirements now mean for power generation or storage plant being connected to the UK electricity network.

Penny wise, millions foolish – a lesson in the cost of not using expert advisors in energy scheme developments

2022-03-16T12:19:40+00:0006 February, 2020|Energy Developers, Grid Consultancy, News|

A solar developer achieved a grid connection offer for a solar farm site but missed a crucial stage in the process and so failed to secure and safeguard the grid rights - thus losing out on any opportunity. What should they have done?

Don’t miss National Grid’s deadline

2022-09-14T12:31:21+00:0005 April, 2018|Commercial & Industrial, Farms & Estates, Feasibility Studies, News, Public Sector|

Press release: Time is running out for landowners who want to host a large-scale power generation or battery storage scheme, with a key deadline looming.

How assessment and design fees became connection offer expenses

2024-02-26T14:38:26+00:0028 March, 2018|Commercial & Industrial, Energy Developers, Farms & Estates, Grid Consultancy, News, Public Sector, Published Articles|

Hugh was invited to contribute a feature article to Utility Week. Given the impending Connection Offer Expenses that Distribution DNOs can charge from 6 April 2018, he surveyed his contacts at the DNOs to get an idea of their charging intentions.

Act quickly to avoid grid application fees

2024-02-26T11:34:19+00:0016 March, 2018|Commercial & Industrial, Energy Developers, Farms & Estates, Feasibility Studies, Grid Consultancy, News, Public Sector|

Press release: Farmers and landowners interested in energy generation or storage projects should act quickly to avoid potentially steep fees. From 6 April network operators in England, Wales and Scotland will be able to charge up-front fees for grid connection offers, which could run into thousands of pounds.

Tread carefully with grid advice before paying for an application

2022-09-14T12:24:49+00:0015 February, 2018|Commercial & Industrial, Farms & Estates, Grid Consultancy, News, Public Sector|

Many landowners have contacted us recently after they've been approached by firms touting grid advice and persuading landowners to sign up to up-front fees for making a battery storage grid application. Read how you should beware of this approach and find out how we are different.

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