Transmission milestones – who they affect and how, and where to find out more


On this podcast, three of Roadnight Taylor’s elite connections engineers – Connectologists® Catherine Cleary, Pete Aston and Kyle Murchie – explore the history, the mechanisms, strengths, weaknesses and the risks associated with connection offer milestones at transmission – an entirely new thing – which are being implemented following CUSC modification CMP376.

Here are some links to National Grid ESO’s invaluable resources and webinars on this complex and important topic:

The ESO’s guidance document can be found here: and it has upcoming webinars on the milestones on 19 December 2023 and 10 January 2024.

Details of these and the materials from the previous ESO webinars on the topic can be found here:

National Grid’s milestone calculator is no longer available – but Roadnight Taylor’s own Transmission Queue Management Milestones Calculator is available here.

Recorded 14 December 2023

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