Game or be Gamed? The Significant Code Review – strategies and tactics when connecting under the new rules


Roadnight Taylor Connectologist® Pete Aston joins Hugh Taylor to discuss the Significant Code Review (SCR) and the tactics and strategies that could be used by parties in grid connections to game the new system. There will be many winners and losers under the new connection rules – with £millions being won or lost by developers and investors on individual schemes alone.

Pete sees understanding nuances around point of connection voltage as one of the biggest areas of opportunity – or risk – for connection customers. He explains interim arrangements around flexible connections, including Active Network Management (ANM) and curtailment. Plus, Pete gives his view on how the nature and importance of post-acceptance offer management – and liaison with the DNO – might change amongst the potential bow-wave of new applications after the 1 April 2023.

Recorded: 26 January 2023


All risks and opportunities under SCR are discussed in more detail for each market sector in our ‘Game or be Gamed?’ webinars. Links to request the full recordings of these can be found here.

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