Find out if you have viable battery storage or power scheme sites

Any battery storage or power generation scheme will need a cost-effective grid connection. It may also need planning consents, land rights, the right generation or demand profile, sufficient budget and an appropriate return on investment.

Our initial Stop/Go feasibility study quickly establishes if you have a viable site for a generation or storage scheme before you commit to the cost of a grid application or any professional and legal fees.

Our assessment ensures:

  • You don’t waste your time, money and effort on unviable sites
  • You identify your feasible sites before remaining grid capacity is used up
  • You are investing wisely.

From as little as £350 plus VAT we can conduct a Stop/Go study on your ground to tell you if you have a potential opportunity for a viable, lucrative scheme.

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Call us on 01993 830571 or email us at for more information or to book a Stop/Go study for your potential power scheme or storage sites.


About the Author:

Hugh Taylor
Hugh Taylor Having worked in the energy industry for over ten years, Hugh sits on expert panels for all six the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). He also has a deep understanding of National Grid’s Capacity Market and its various balancing markets, is a regular consultee to BEIS and Ofgem, and is a popular speaker at industry events.