CLA members – find out if you have potential battery storage or power scheme sites

While opportunities for power generation and battery storage schemes exist in industrial and urban areas, the greatest potential can arguably be found in rural areas. Farms, estates and other rural land holdings with the right site attributes, in the right location – and, crucially, where the local power network offers an appropriate grid connection – could have much to gain.

Landowners are being exploited

Farmers and rural landowners are diversifying to create new income streams and to reduce their reliance on traditional farming incomes. Unfortunately, the current industry hype about the potential for battery storage is leading some unscrupulous ‘advisers’ to exploit landowners. They falsely suggest the landowner has a lucrative battery storage site, and tout to submit a grid application for fees of £1,000 to £3,000.

These firms lack the expertise to identify the right technology – such as storage, gensets or solar – and the right scale (in megawatts) for the right part of the grid. Landowners should avoid this costly approach. Grid applications ought only be submitted for sites with genuine potential. They should be drawn up by genuine grid specialists with the expertise to establish which specific technology at which precise scale will bring success.

Why the CLA?

The CLA (Country Land and Business Owners Association) has been safeguarding the interests of rural landowners for over 100 years. Their successful political lobbying and the impartial expert advice they offer their members, helps landowners make the most of their rural property and land for today and for future generations.

The CLA is, therefore, an organisation that shares Roadnight Taylor’s aims of helping landowners maximise the opportunities on their land. We want to make sure landowners protect the value of their assets and invest safely and sensibly in energy schemes.

Our special offer for CLA members

That’s why we are offering all CLA members a £100 discount on our Stop/Go™ feasibility study. From £250 plus VAT, we’ll assess planning, grid and market factors to establish if members’ land has an opportunity for a cost-effective grid connection before submitting a grid application on a no-win-no-fee basis. In this way they avoid the charlatan advisors and could benefit from incomes of up to £125,000 per year for 25+ year leases on as little as two acres.

Find out more

For more details on our offer, please visit our CLA offer page.

The offer runs until 30 June 2018.