Grid News and Views episode #6


In this Grid News and Views episode of the Connectology® Podcast, Roadnight Taylor’s Pete Aston hosts colleagues Nikki Pillinger, Philip Bale and Kyle Murchie as they discuss National Grid ESO and the DNOs’ progress with the Technical Limits initiative, and:

  1. How valid is the data behind your DNO curtailment assessment?
  2. The milestones calculator for transmission-connecting projects
  3. The migration of the Electricity System Operator (ESO) to the National Energy System Operator (NESO)
  4. The consultation on the change in threshold for Large Generators
  5. The risks to developers/investors of the use by network operators of sustained ratings vs cyclic ratings in modelling and operating ANM schemes
  6. The NGESO consultation on market mechanisms to unblock transmission-level thermal constraints to demand and generation
  7. The ESOs ‘Technical Solution 2’ for enabling battery connections
  8. The lack of a route for accelerating demand connections caught up in transmission-level constraint
  9. The proposed Regional Energy Strategic Planners

Recorded 01 February 2024

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