Heating & Cooling

Heating & Cooling

Our heat team ensures Roadnight Taylor’s clients are investing in the most appropriate heating and/or cooling technology for their site, budget, investment criteria and risk appetite.

We also support you from identifying the best fit solution through to procurement and implementation.

Chris Reilly, Heat Consultant

What we do

  • examine the existing heating installation and advise on the efficiency of the fabric of the building (where applicable) to address any heat loss performance 

  • assessment of the sustainable fuel resources the location and client may have for biomass or anaerobic digestion and/or identify appropriate heat source solutions e.g. ground, air or water source 

  • identify which solutions offer the best payback, financial performance and satisfy client requirements  

  • specify a detailed solution design  

  • tender the design to installers or introduce the client to specialist providers, and project manage the installation

  • resolve any grid connection issues including liaison with the Distribution Network Operator 

Our Experts

Our team has modelled and designed over 200 sustainable heating and cooling systems. This experience helps us adapt to site-specific conditions and, coupled with our grid expertise, financial modelling capabilities and independent approach, offers you the best chances of success. 

How can we help?

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