Electric Vehicle Charging

EV Charging
Graham Taylor

Electric Vehicle Charging

Our EV charging clients are invariably seeking the best-fit solution for workplace, residential developments, fleet or destination charging – and we can help them understand the various technical and commercial options. Others are developing en route, fast and ultra-fast charging sites.

For either client, our combination of grid and behind-the-meter expertise can be fundamental to optimising both CapEx and OpEx – and often simply to make a scheme possible.

Graham Taylor, Design Engineer

What we do

  • a techno-economic review to identify the optimal charge point technology, numbers, speeds and locations on your private network

  • if grid constraints are an issue, uncover hidden opportunities to squeeze power from existing connections, enable cost-effective grid connection upgrades – and optimise any new, stand-alone grid connections

  • identify feasible on-site generation, storage or demand management options to minimise private network and network connection costs – and, importantly, to minimise energy supply costs and maximise any revenues from balancing opportunities

  • project manage the specification and procurement of charging infrastructure and associated behind-the-meter and network connection arrangements

Our Experts

With a combination of grid expertise, energy trading, retail pricing and behind-the-meter generation and storage design, our team offers a holistic techno-economic approach to EV charger deployment.

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