Renewable Heat

Grid Connection

Maximise the benefits of renewable and bi-valent heating and cooling with our expert team of consultants.

From feasibility studies through to technical advice, grid connections and appointing contractors to get the project off the ground, our team of experts can help deliver the many benefits of renewable and bi-valent heating and cooling.

Our considerable expertise enables energy cost savings, carbon reduction, serving communities of homes and businesses through district heat networks, and generating new revenue streams from land assets as heat sources.


Our Renewable Heat Team

With over 100 years of energy and grid experience, our team can appraise, design, manage grid connections and planning, and project manage your heating, cooling or heat network project.

Planning guidance and management for consenting low carbon and flexible generation energy technologies.


Assessments for potential stand-alone power generation and storage schemes and/or for on-site renewables, energy storage or flexible generation.


Network appraisals, design, applications, connections and management of grid connections.

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