Richard Palmer appointed working group Chair of industry body for electricity storage

We are delighted that the huge expertise and knowledge of our senior consultant Richard Palmer has been recognised and he has been appointed Chair of the UK’s industry body for electricity storage, the Electricity Storage Network (ESN),  Markets and Revenues Working Group for 2021.

The ESN’s press release is below:

The UK’s industry body for electricity storage, the Electricity Storage Network (ESN), has announced Richard Palmer as the Chair of their Markets and Revenues Working Group for 2021.

Richard Palmer, senior consultant at Roadnight Taylor, specialises in providing behind-the-meter energy solutions and has over 20 years of energy industry experience involving energy procurement, demand forecasting, hedging and trading strategies, renewable generation and retail tariff pricing, product development and risk management.

The Markets and Revenues Working Group has been an important fixture for ESN members for several years, shaping ESN policy for topics such as business rates, National Grid markets, and network charging. The group has been influential in the industry, in particular last year working with the Valuation Office Agency to improve the calculation of business rates for storage.

This year, under Richard’s leadership, the group will look to:

  • shape developing markets for storage, such as Reserve Reform and Constraint Management
  • input to the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan and assess its outcomes
  • analyse the impact of the upcoming network charging reform and influence its implementation

Richard commented, “I believe we are moving into an exciting new phase of economic viability for energy storage in 2021. The investment case can only improve and with increasing volatility on the network, it drives both the need and value of energy storage. We must continue to consider the value and duration of storage from domestic to utility-scale directly connected assets, keep abreast of the rapidly evolving markets and trading platforms to ensure implementation and greater certainty for all investors and, importantly, maintain a long-term view.”

Madeleine Greenhalgh, policy lead for the ESN, commented “With storage increasingly being singled out within high-level government policy documents and with the forthcoming publication of the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, we know we will benefit from Richard’s expertise at this crucial time for storage as we look at key market opportunities and new business models to allow the sector to develop at the rate needed to meet our net zero ambitions.”

About ESN

The ESN, which is managed by sustainable energy centre of energy expertise Regen, was established in 2008 as the UK industry group dedicated to electricity storage. It includes a broad range of electricity storage technologies and members, such as electricity storage manufacturers and suppliers, project developers, users, electricity network operators, consultants, academic institutions, and research organisations. The ESN markets and revenues working group looks at key market opportunities and new business models for storage, including future plans from the system operator and distribution system operators, existing and emerging markets and network charging reforms.