Performance review and recommendations for solar arrays

Many businesses and farms and estates seeking income diversification and cost-saving opportunities have invested in solar photovoltaic (PV) schemes or arrays over the last decade. However, most existing on-site PV schemes are underperforming in one way or another. In our experience most schemes will be, variously:

  • missing out on significant revenues and bill savings
  • suffering disproportionately high operating costs, and
  • accruing risk of crippling one-off costs

Businesses are likely to get the best returns on investment by addressing issues in any PV schemes they already own, before investing in new ones.  Paybacks are typically one to two years for making your existing site financially optimal – compared to investing in new schemes where paybacks are normally closer to ten years.

Our expert, independent assessment

An independent assessment of performance is critical. Many issues with PV schemes stem from original, sub-optimal installation. But scheme owners are, as often as not, paying the original installer to carry out the annual health-check. That’s like paying an installer to mark their own homework – again and again!

At Roadnight Taylor, we check if your investment is performing optimally, identify any issues, and make recommendations which will ensure the PV technical performance and ongoing financial performance is maximised.

Some of the issues we identify include:

  • Metering and tariffs – if appropriate metering hasn’t been installed or tariff arrangements are not competitive, you could be losing out.
  • Insurance – there may be no insurance cover – or more often, inappropriately expensive and/or invalid policies.
  • Business rates – more than 20,000 rateable installations haven’t yet been picked up by the Valuation Office Agency. If your scheme is one of those, you may be accruing an expensive liability.
  • Electro-technical performance – schemes may not be running optimally due to errors in the original installation and/or configuration, or the scheme may have developed faults that haven’t been picked up.
  • Annual installation check – the installer commissioned to carry out an annual check may not have the correct technical expertise to identify issues that relate to the installation and configuration, or if they do, they may not be flagging them.
  • Operation & maintenance, and asset-management – many schemes don’t have appropriate arrangements in place. If a scheme stops performing optimally, you may not know about it until significant financial damage has been suffered.

Our PV Healthcheck costs from £350+VAT. Our review and recommendations have been helping our clients save money and making them more from their PV schemes.  If we find your scheme is already performing at its best, you will be getting peace of mind.

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