Determine if on-site solar, energy storage or flexible generation is viable for you now

As the ever-changing energy industry develops, opportunities for locating batteries, gensets, solar and other renewables on-site (also known as ‘behind-the-meter’) are emerging.

These investments can offer significant energy cost savings, as well as income opportunities from National Grid’s ancillary and balancing services markets. On-site storage can also complement existing behind-the-meter  renewables and allow for business growth where grid capacity would otherwise limit expansion.

Paybacks can be as low as seven years, but only in the right circumstances. Many sites will not be viable yet, but with technology costs reducing, and power and energy prices increasing, opportunities will develop in the future for most.

In an unregulated market, businesses should be wary of being mis-sold unattainable returns. Investment at the wrong site or time, or in the wrong technology or scale, could be costly. To ensure you are investing wisely, you should get appropriate advice from independent experts before investing in any behind-the-meter scheme.

Our expert, independent assessment

To determine whether an investment in on-site battery storage, solar or flexible generation is viable for you, we appraise and model:

  • your power demand and profile
  • your generation volumes
  • your tariff structures; and
  • leading, independent market projections

The assessment will have one of three results:

  • GREEN: If you should invest now, in what technology, and at what approximate scale
  • AMBER: If an investment is likely to be viable for you within three years
  • RED: If you are unlikely to have a viable investment within three years

Our TrafficLight study costs from £350+VAT. If the study establishes you have a Green site, we can work with you to help you invest in the right system, from the best contractors, and at the lowest cost – and get you the best tariffs to maximise your income.

If a site is Amber , we will monitor relevant commercial and technological developments for up to three years after the study and will notify you when your site turns Green. As our pool of Green and Amber sites grows, you benefit from more tendering power and achieve higher revenues for lower investment.

Contact us

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