Kathryn Smith – Legacy Hero

“the architect and builder of our fleet of models”

Kat, with her first-class maths degree and Masters degree in maths both from the University of Oxford came to us in January 2019 following her previous role as Senior Pricing Analyst for the Drax-owned, non-domestic energy supplier, Opus Energy.

We were incredibly lucky to have had Kat at Roadnight Taylor for nearly a year – during which time she built, with Richard Palmer, our solar and storage optimisation models, our business rates calculation model – and a number of the operational systems and processes that allow us to deploy such high levels of expertise so efficiently. Her legacy, for the business and all our current and future clients, is immeasurable.

Kat was invited to join the founding Directors of Opus Energy when they took their Drax-exit cash and established Valda Energy Limited. Having worked with Kat at Opus, they knew what we know of her extraordinary skills and expertise in data science and pricing analysis.

Thank you Kat. You are our first legacy hero!

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