Flexible Power

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Maximise the benefits of utility-scale or on-site flexible power, including gensets, batteries and demand response with our expert team of consultants.

From feasibility studies through to technical advice, grid connections, planning, consents and appointing contractors to get the project off the ground, our team of experts can help deliver the many benefits of flexible power. We support any commercial or utility scale flexible power scheme from start to finish.

For utility-scale flexible power schemes our team, processes and legal frameworks enable site owners to achieve significant, reliable and long-term lease revenues. And for on-site (behind-the-meter) flexible power schemes our considerable expertise enables energy cost savings, income opportunities, security of supply, a reduction in peak import requirements, and business growth where grid capacity would otherwise limit expansion.


Our Flexible Power Team

With over 100 years of energy and grid experience across all technologies, our team can appraise, design, manage grid connections and planning, and project manage your flexible power scheme or project.

Assessment of third-party installer proposals or quotations for on-site renewables, energy storage or flexible generation.


Negotiating and securing wayleaves, easements and other land right required for adoptable assets.

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