Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

Whether a client’s requirement is for a light-touch forecast for pre-feasibility purposes, or a bankable model incorporating detailed forward curves and sensitivity analysis, we have the experts to deliver the appropriate level of robustness and rigour.

Our unique selling points are our deep understanding of the value chain for investment in energy assets and our ability to tailor our advice for our client’s various roles as landlord, tenant and/or investor.

Richard Palmer, Senior Consultant

What we do

  • deliver efficient cashflow models which consider CapExOpEx and revenue and savings for behind the meter and front of meter energy investments 

  • tailor our optimisation analysis and financial modelling for initial feasibility studies and bankable models and tailor our advice based on our client’s role e.g. landlord, tenant and investor

  • as independent experts, we use up to date market assumptions as well as, where necessary, audited third-party data in order to drive impartial projections 

  • involve commercial, technical and engineering expertise as well as legal, tax and finance advisors to inform assumptions, sensitivities and project risks 

  • combine financial modelling of the assets with likely impacts on land and property values and provide due diligence for third parties 

  • provide clear and concise commentary, tables and reports for end users and professional advisors 

Our Experts

Our team includes two experts who previously held senior energy pricing and modelling roles at large energy suppliers. These specialists work with other experts in our team to ensure any scheme or project meets your budget, investment criteria and risk appetite. 

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