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  • Do you want to find out if as little as two acres of your land has genuine potential to earn you up to £125,000 per year on a 25+ year lease?

  • Spare grid capacity is being snapped up quickly, leaving fewer opportunities for landowners. To achieve lucrative leases, landowners must secure grid connection rights quickly.

  • DNOs will soon be able to charge applicants connection offer expenses, these will be up to £7,880 – to avoid incurring any cost, you should move rapidly.

Don’t miss out and avoid higher fees

The distribution network operators (DNOs) issue grid capacity on a first-come first-served basis. If you delay before applying, your neighbours could get viable connection offers instead of you. It is important to get your site independently assessed and, if there is a viable opportunity, have an application submitted quickly.

DNOs will soon be charging grid connection offer expenses, which could be up to £7,880 – so that’s another reason to get your site assessed rapidly.

Roadnight Taylor have the expertise to establish which technology at which scale (if any) will bring success on your land. The accuracy of our bespoke grid applications is such that we can pay up to 100% of the connection offer expenses – any professional firm should be prepared to stand by their advice in this way.

You should always have an independent assessment undertaken by a specialist grid consultant and then only commit to an application on no-win no-fee basis.


Find out if you have genuine power scheme sites

Roadnight Taylor is offering CLA members a Stop/Go™ feasibility study from £250+VAT (a discount of £100) to establish if your land has a realistic opportunity for a generation or storage scheme.

Application submitted on a no-win-no fee basis

If your site does have genuine potential, we will work on a no-win-no-fee basis to submit and manage a bespoke grid connection application for the right technology and scale which will maximise your chances of success.

What happens if your grid application is successful?

If we secure you a viable grid offer – we don’t leave you there. We work with you to put your site out to competition amongst the best power scheme developers and operators to get you the strongest deal. All at no extra charge to you.

Offer ends: Saturday 30 June 2018.

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“The positioning of pylons or electricity substations is no guarantee that there is grid capacity – it’s easy for dishonest, so-called consultants, to pull the wool over your eyes. The grid market is so specialist that it’s vital to speak to a professional who is totally immersed in the industry. We will always speak to Roadnight Taylor to establish whether a site is suitable before our clients start incurring unnecessary fees.”
Edward Holloway, land agent, Knight Frank

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